MOVING TO FACE BOOK & RIDE Saturday 1/21/2012

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MOVING TO FACE BOOK & RIDE Saturday 1/21/2012

Post  Admin on Mon 16 Jan 2012, 4:41 pm

A couple of things:

1- i am moving the oley rides forum onto FACEBOOK. all you need to do is create a free Facebook account, and do a search for " Oley Rides Cycling" . you may have to be added by someone already on the list, in which case you can email me or anyone else on the list and i will add you. Using Facebook, everyone can post about rides they want to do weekends or during the week. it can be more of a quick response thing if you have your settings to alert you when there is a new post on the wall.

2- Kevin Kol wants to lead a ride from Oley Kings lot saturday 1/21/2012 to show us some new roads he found today. and at least as of today i plan on joining all of you on the ride. i look forward to being on the ride and having someone else be the ride leader



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